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Gusto’s small-business payroll solution is a solid ADP alternative, especially for companies considering ADP RUN. Since both ADP and Paychex are so similar, it’s hard to say for sure which one is better than the other. However, one might be better for your business than the other depending on which features you need, which user interface you prefer and how much you can afford to spend on payroll.

Gusto and RUN by ADP have comparable payroll features — but Gusto is available at a lower starting price. It also includes more payroll features with its base price rather than requiring customers to add them for an extra fee. The services are provided by an independent third party and not provided by ADP and ADP is not responsible for such third party’s products or services. However, unlike ADP, Paycor doesn’t provide benefits options through its own brokerage. Instead, it integrates with your business’s existing benefits partners to provide seamless benefits administration. The most advanced ADP RUN plan, HR Pro, also includes access to a learning management system and a sexual harassment training course.

  1. The process is simple and straightforward, but it may be confusing for business owners who are new to AI chatbot functionality.
  2. In fact, ADP is one of the oldest, most popular payroll companies in the United States.
  3. As a certified PEO, ADP becomes a co-employer with your small business and assumes most HR and payroll responsibilities.
  4. Yes, ADP integrates with hundreds of third-party business apps, including a good amount of popular accounting, human resource, HCM, finance, personnel management and expense management services.
  5. ADP and Paychex are two top providers of in-house payroll software and outsourced PEO services for small and midsize businesses.

Commuter Benefits allow employees to pay for certain workplace commuting expenses, including mass transit and parking, on a tax-free basis through payroll deductions, saving up to 30% on commuting purchases. The Beniversal Card ensures funds can be conveniently accessed at qualified mass transit and parking merchants accepting Debit Mastercard. As a payroll and HR software provider, ADP sells services and products that help other businesses hire, support and pay their employees. Rather than simply targeting one type of business or selling just one product, ADP offers a wide range of payroll, HR, HCM and HRIS tools with varying price points, features and levels of support. Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) allow individuals who are covered by an HSA-compatible health plan, including HDHPs, to save money to pay for eligible medical expenses on a tax-free basis. A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) can save employees up to 40% on expenses they already pay for.

These are typically taxable benefits so you can avoid the legal and regulatory constraints placed on pre-tax accounts. The program, administered by the HealthEquity family of companies, is available to UC Davis employees on the Davis and satellite campuses. The main benefit of using ADP or any other outsourced payroll solution is the time, hassle and stress it can save business owners who worry about payroll. Paycor’s enterprise-level HCM system helps U.S.-based companies hire, onboard and pay employees. Like ADP Workforce Now and Vantage HCM, Paycor includes time tracking tools, comprehensive workforce management, employee engagement surveys and thorough personnel data and analytics.

Integrated Custodial Services

ADP’s other perks include the software’s ease of use, customizations, third-party integrations, lengthy free trial and 24/7 customer service.

Which ADP product is right for your small business?

ADP Vantage HCM was built specifically for U.S.-based international corporations with 1,000 or more employees. It takes ADP Workforce Now’s all-in-one payroll, HR, benefits and time and attendance features to an enterprise level. To run payroll with Roll, business owners type a chat command like “run payroll,” and the app takes care of the rest.

RUN Powered by ADP

ADP TotalSource is a professional employer organization, or PEO, solution for small businesses. As a certified PEO, ADP becomes a co-employer with your small business and assumes most HR and payroll responsibilities. While ADP RUN was made mainly for small and midsize businesses, its higher-tier plans can support bigger businesses that want to blend fully automated payroll with a fairly comprehensive HR product suite. A Specialty Account, also known as a Lifestyle or Wellness Account, allows employers to assist employees in paying for specific expenses.

In contrast, payroll software companies like ADP let you process payroll automatically, which can include automatically deducting and submitting payroll taxes. Papaya Global’s affordable multinational payroll services start at $2 per global contractor paid per month. Global payroll for employees starts at $3 per payee per month if you pay them with your existing payroll software or $12 per payee per month through Papaya Global. ADP RUN is a solid choice for smaller businesses that want HCM-level tools without paying for a fully fledged HCM or HRIS program. However, while RUN Powered by ADP costs less than HCM software for enterprises, it’s definitely pricier than more straightforward payroll services like Gusto or SurePayroll. With three plans, Gusto is scalable for small businesses with limited payroll needs and bigger national enterprises with hundreds of employees.

Depending on the type of FSA, employees can pay for certain medical expenses and/or dependent care expenses tax-free, through payroll deductions. They get instant access to funds through the Beniversal Card, reducing reimbursement wait time. To review payroll software, including ADP’s payroll processing systems, we do our best to either set up free trial accounts or schedule demos to get personal experience with the products we review. Our payroll software review methodology page explains more about how we choose, rate and review products. COBRA coverage allows qualified beneficiaries the right to maintain group health benefits when coverage would otherwise be lost due to a qualifying event. We take the burden away and provide you with peace of mind through a compliant, no worry COBRA solution.

The benefit allows employees to set aside tax-free money to pay for their commuting expenses, and can be used for mass transit, rideshares and qualified paid parking. By offering a commuter benefit to your employees, your company can save on payroll taxes each year. ADP and Paychex are two top providers of in-house payroll software and outsourced PEO services for small and midsize businesses. Both companies offer fully automated payroll, HR library access, top-notch benefits options, thorough customer service and multiple products that scale to accommodate growth. A Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) is an employer-funded account designed to assist employees in paying for certain out-of-pocket medical expenses.

In fact, ADP is one of the oldest, most popular payroll companies in the United States. It has decades of experience, a solid reputation, and extensive payroll processing expertise. Overview information for the ADP Commuter Benefits Program, including the benefits of participation, how to plan your contributions, types of expense accounts, and more. As a global PEO with an employer of record service, Papaya Global helps businesses pay workers in 160+ countries and in local currencies. On-the-ground compliance experts help businesses stay up to date on current, ever-changing employment laws around the world.

Along with offering international payroll, Vantage HCM’s talent sourcing tools help companies create a cohesive, compelling brand narrative that attracts top talent. ADP’s benefits can also keep businesses competitive across the globe while the system’s comprehensive data and analytics tools give you crucial insights into your workforce’s productivity and satisfaction. However, since ADP doesn’t list prices for any product besides Roll by ADP online, we can’t say how much more expensive ADP TotalSource is than a product like ADP RUN. Still, it’s worth noting that a PEO frees up time business owners would otherwise spend on complicated HR tasks and employment law compliance. Running payroll by hand is a time consuming process with plenty of opportunities for error, including incorrect paycheck calculations or missed payroll tax deadlines.

Interested customers should contact ADP directly to request a quote and schedule a free trial, which can run as long as three to four months. If you aren’t thrilled with ADP’s payroll processing service, take a look at our list of ADP’s top competitors to find a suitable alternative. If you need a global payroll service, not an international HRIS or HCM solution, Papaya Global is an affordable ADP alternative. Plus, some of RUN’s payroll services are only available as add-ons that cost an extra fee, including time and attendance.

We also offer Direct Billing Services for employers who need a solution outside of payroll deductions to collect premiums or other payments from employees. ADP (Automatic Data Processing) is one of the world’s most popular, adp commuter benefits best-known payroll and human resource companies. As a provider of both in-house payroll software and outsourced PEO solutions, ADP has a plan and product for nearly any type and size of business in any industry.

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