Titanium is lighter, stronger, and almost as easy to clean but more expensive in terms of raw materials and machining. I have been running a T5 Terminator on my big 375 (150 gr of 50 BMG) since I built it. - 1.125 OD Brake, 1.275 OD collar - 3.35 Length, Adds approx. Cal Zant is the shooter/author behind PrecisionRifleBlog.com. Good to know you found this helpful. Included is a locking nut for easy and secure installation to ensure excellent shot performance. Youre absolutely correct. With that said, a quality muzzle brake can mean an enormous amount of increased performance. Id be tickled if that happened. Magura HS33 Front/Rear Single Brake, Black 2-Finger Hebel Check Latest Price Product Details The improved legendary HS33 rim brake features a redesigned master cylinder and 2 finger lever blade. Best Muzzle Brakes for 300 Win Mag Rifles Seekins Precision AR ATC Muzzle Brake Precision Armament AR .308 M11 Muzzle Brake VG6 Precision Lambda Muzzle Brake Area 419 - Sidewinder Magnum Muzzle Brake SureFire 3-Prong Ultradyne APOLLO Muzzle Brake Vais Muzzle Brake Itll save your shoulder from a beating too. New Lock-Nut Design Perfect Muzzle Placement No Carbon Ring No Over Rotation Stronger Lock Up 1.10" in Diameter, 3.5" In Length and Weighs 7.2 oz Made for a barrel diameters of .850 or larger. Steel options are typically stainless and thus easy to clean, though they are heavier. Choose the 6mm variant for any cartridge with a .243" diameter bullet or smaller such as 6mm Creedmoor or 243 Winchester. I didnt test the Surefire suppressor, so I cant say for sure. Learn More. Which material you choose is entirely up to you, as there are no negatives to either. Both of those brakes had disappointing performance on the 300 Norma. One manufacturer said someone slipped a cylinder around their muzzle brake, and was shocked at how effective of a suppressor it was. little bastard muzzle brake 300 win mag. American Precision Arms is very excited to share the release of the Generation 3Fat Bastard. A TOMB brake typically acts as the first baffle or two in the suppressor. These enhancements benefit the shooter experience at the range and in the field where every advantage matters. Quality construction and stainless steel finish, Some reports of trouble with the threaded collar. Its a heavier option, but the trade-off is worth it. Gases are diverted away from the shooter and kept clear from the line of sight so vision is never obstructed. I was excited to see how the empirical data stacked up to the hype I read online. Where on gods green earth can I get a muzzle brake for my mossberg patriot 300 win mag? Timing refers to the way the brake is threaded on and its orientation once it is fully installed. Since the 300 Norma is so new, there isnt much load data out there for it. Made from 4140 steel, it has a black nitride coating for wear resistance. In addition to that, the new lock nut design creates a zero over rotating platform. It is best to find muzzle brakes that do not require professional gunsmithing skills or any special tools upon installation or removal. For example, bench-rest shooters likely arent worried about this, but backcountry hunters almost certainly are. Just enter your email to receive notifications of new posts. Low recoil usually improves accuracy, as it makes shot placement more stationary. Thats a great question. A notable feature. The price of VG6 Precision Lambda PRS30 Muzzle Brakevaries, so check the latest price at. It does an awesome job of reducing blinding flash compared to a bare muzzlebut it's not made to reduce recoil or vertical movement. Together, this provides a means to have quicker follow-up shots and faster target transitions. The Gen 3 Fat Bastard can handle magnum cartridges. I want to use a break on the rifle, but I want one that works Have any of you used this break on a 300 WM? That is yet to be seen. This may just be a range rifle to mess around but having fun doing so. Cal: Ha! High-quality materials often equal durability. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this content, data, or other materials is strictly prohibited without prior express and written permission from the author. [1]. Low recoil usually improves accuracy, as it makes shot placement more stationary. The gas vectoring technology uses offset ports for counteracting muzzle rise and jump, and provides a neutral port addition for gas dumping to help offset felt recoil. For each set of results, I will show 3 pieces of information: To learn more about those measurements and hear the cases for both sides, please read the recoil post. Even though absorbing the recoil of a 300 Win Mag isnt horrific, for smaller farmed bodies and young shooters, the anticipation of the kick can be damaging to the shot. These are used regularly when shooting rifles for competition matches to allow for quicker follow-up shots, and are often used when hunting as well. This allows the shooter to not only combat direct recoil but muzzle rise and lateral movement based on the characteristics of their rifle, personal grip, stance, and the position they are shooting from. Had a Micro Bastard on a 6 Fat Rat and the only thing was the bolt movement on the AR made it move, Little Bastard on my 243, my little brother has one on his 260 and my buddy has one on his 6.5 CM and we have put Fat Bastards on our 300WM's my brother and I are building so have to say we are fans. Thats interesting data. The Gen 3 Little Bastard can handle magnum cartridges. Still, this is an excellent brake that we all love and one that has been on many championship-winning rifles at major national competitions featuring some of the best shooters in the world. We definitely recommend budgeting carefully for any rifle build and to always being realistic about how much you shoot, how much you can spend, and how much extra performance you need. Comes coated in Graphite Black Cerakote. You have two different options when it comes to color matte white and black DLC coated. There are 8 directional gas ports that can be tuned to counteract youre U.R.P. For the barrel clamp to fit, the muzzle of the barrel must be very specific dimensions, which often means you need to pay a gunsmith to contour to it to those dimensions. American Precision Arms Little Bastard Magnum rifles are, by nature, large and heavy. It performed better at reducing both recoil and muzzle rise than any 300 Win Mag muzzle brake or compensator we tested. APA even gives you a thread locker in the box to make sure you dont have to go out and buy any to keep the brace from working loose under recoil. It is ideal for OEM products. I appreciate the suggestion about flash hiders, but that isnt really what Im interested in. Timber Creek Outdoors Heart Breaker Muzzle Brake, Muzzle Brake Thread Size: Barrel Threading Explained. Every bolt-action rifle we build includes a muzzle brake to help provide an exceptional shooting experience. The Gen 3 Little Bastard can handle magnum cartridges. The Area 419 Sidewinder fixes a lot of these problems. All Rights Reserved | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | Site by Envision. Thanks, George. Very comprehensive and informative post, being a your regular reader cant go with out leave a comment, thank you for your contribution. The Alamo Four Star would also be a good choice. Available in 6mm, 6.5mm & .308 (7mm) with more calibers to come. It didnt cut muzzle rise as much as a more compensator-style device, but it still excelled there. Hey, Vern. The unique tunable gas system combined with the trademark APA ports work together to achieve a sight picture that moves less than ever before. Flash suppression? But despite this, it is considered to have less recoil than larger cased .30 caliber options and therefore is easier to handle. Cal But for this lightweight 308 Win, all the brakes were much more effective at reducing the peak force than they were at reducing the overall momentum. Choose the .223 variant for any cartridge with a .223-.224" diameter bullet such as 5.56x45mm, 223 Remington, and 22-250 Remington. James lives near Dallas, TX with his wife, Laura, and their two kids. VG6 Precision Lambda PRS30 Muzzle Brake, 2. This allows the shooter to not only combat direct recoil but muzzle rise and lateral movement based on the characteristics of their rifle, personal grip, stance, and the position they are shooting from. I consider it my baseline for comparison. Anarchy Outdoors. Did not go cheap on the glass or muzzle brake. After a series of tests, we recommend the UltraDyne USA Apollo LR Compensator as the best muzzle device for 300 Win. Remember, Im not trying to convince anyone one way or the other, Im just trying to present the data I collected and leave it up to you to draw your own conclusions. . Stay opted in to protect this order. You can see the suppressor isnt as quite effective at reducing recoil on this rifle as many of the muzzle brakes, with it finishing near the tail end of the pack. - Page 6. All Rights Reserved | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | Site by Envision. Finally, the ports are designed to decrease in size the further you get away from the muzzle. The Gen 3 Little Bastard can handle magnum cartridges. $19.99. I also included a High-End 9-inch Suppressor for comparison on this rifle. Will be back again . . It may not make a huge difference, but on an already long-barreled and heavy gun, anything that reduces length and weight is a welcome addition. Overall, this brake is one of the best-performing ones out there and is one that youll see quite frequently at PRS competitions and on the rifles of serious, professional competitors. Thanks again for taking the time to let me know you found this helpful. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Where the M11 differs from the classic brakes is that the former has been designed with a huge amount of computer assistance to increase the strength-to-weight ratio, as well as to reduce recoil and ground disturbance. The HELLFIRE showed 52% recoil reduction on a 6.5 Creedmoor test rifle. #1 SureFire 3-Prong Flash Hider Muzzle Brake For 300 Win Mag #2 VG6 Precision Lambda PRS30 Muzzle Brake For 300 Win Mag #3 Badger Ordnance Micro FTE Muzzle Brake For 300 Win Mag #4 Ultradyne Ud11190 7.62 Apollo Lr Comp Muzzle Brake For 300 Win Mag 2.75 to Barrel Length - Weight of Brake + Adapter: 7.5oz Universal Adapter - These will be available separately after this initial run of brakes. Ultradyne 7.62 APOLLO LR COMP 5/8X24 300WM, AKLYS DEFENSE MOJO MAGNUM BRAKE, .30 CALIBER, AREA 419 SIDEWINDER MAGNUM MUZZLE BRAKE, Timber Creek Outdoors Heart Breaker Muzzle Brake. Kudos for maintaining a numbers-first approach to your analyses. Magnum rifles are, by nature, large and heavy. Great deals on Muzzle Brake Rifle Parts. Every port is placed adjacent to the internal Bastard tooth where there is maximum pressure build-up. Luckily, the noise is not as loud to the shooter due to the direction of the gas release, but you may find yourself getting some nasty stares at the range, and many outfitters prefer you do not use them on hunts. Precision Armament M11 Severe-Duty Muzzle Brake, Precision Armament M4-72 Severe-Duty Compensator, Masterpiece Arms Bolt Action .30 Caliber Muzzle Brake, Comes in matte white and black DLC coated, Added 4th section of bastard ports for even more recoil reduction, Reduce the actual felt recoil and shock to your shoulder, Does a great job of eliminating dust signature, Serious advantage on the competition field. Since the .300 Win Mag is a .30 caliber design, you have a pretty decent selection of muzzle devices to choose from as long as your barrel is threaded with a 5/8-24 thread. This durable option is 100% CNC machined in the USA using 416 Stainless Steel finished with salt bath nitride finish. Ultradyne 7.62 Apollo LR Comp 5/824 300WM. Available in 5/8X24, 3/4x24, 18x1 & 18x1.5 thread patterns. Lightening them where you can is a great way to make hunting and even competition more pleasant, and the American Precision Arms Little Bastard offers a great compromise between weight savings and performance. When we first received the Hellfire Match, the fit and finish was notable. We were able to cut the recoil on a featherweight 308 Win to be much less than a hefty 6XC (roughly the same cartridge as a 243 Win). This design comes with a timing nut for easy installation and removal and makes this a hassle-free option. Sorry, Gregory Im not familiar with either of those brakes, so I couldnt say. It also means that you can design your baffles to minimize any potential disturbance to the round, which is how you maintain accuracy and consistency from shot to shot. You need a donate button or something. And the muzzle brake clearly does better at reducing recoil as I measured in this study. Hey, William. APA's goal was to meet the needs of those shooters while also maintaining their standards of pristine manufacturing. We like how its design diverts gasses away from our line of sight while reducing muzzle rise and recoil, making shot placements easier. Made from heat treated 17-4PH Stainless Steel this muzzle brake can be mounted easily over a muzzle with -28 threads and didnt turn as the collar was torqued to lock. Since muzzle brakes expand gasses in different directions through its ports, it helps the weapon endure the pressure of constricted gas in the rifles barrel. Independently tested side by side with the best brakes on the market. Many of these also work as a hybrid option, allowing you both a reduction in muzzle movement, as well as reduction in recoil. I do appreciate the question, because I didnt even realize I had published the data for a TOMB brake with and without the suppressor attached. It was a lot of work, but the results are pretty interesting. She greatly enjoys many different genres of competition shooting, including IDPA and NRL22, and is passionate about self-defense, particularly teaching other women how to defend themselves more effectively. On a .308 rifle, it virtually eliminates muzzle rise. Its also a serious advantage on the competition field, where spotting hits and misses is of paramount importance, as are the speed and accuracy of follow-up shots. However, better quality may also mean that it is more expensive, so prepare to spend a little more than regular brakes. Thanks! harmony deluxe portable sauna; porn discord channels; Website Builders; new super mario bros 2 pc download. It really is a better brake. Really impressed so far. The suppressor I tested still performed better than both the Surefire and OPS muzzle brakes which are dragging up the rear. American Precision Arms is very excited to share the release of the Generation 3 Little Bastard. The Terminator T3 will be the brake I use on my 300 HCM too. Let's take a look at the 7 best muzzle brakes for the 300 Win Mag rifle family. I test my Beast brake, a Ti Pro 3 brake, a Assassin brake, a T-3 and T-4 Terminator, a APW brake, a Muscle brake, a Fat Bastard, a Kirby Allen Pain Killer brake, a Area 419 brake, and a Patriot Valley Arms brake. 100% Made in the USA with custom-manufactured stainless steel, this option is cleaning friendly. In my experience the TBAC suppressors definitely dont have a negative impact on precision (which some suppressors do), and could improve it slightly. The brakes weve listed are all great value for the money, but some of them are definitely more expensive than others. When selecting a caliber for one of our muzzle devices, the correct choice is based on your cartridge's actual bullet diameter. Hope my ramblings answer your questions. The T3 is 25mm, 0.984" diameter, 69mm, 2.72" long & weighs 85-115 grams, 2.99-4.05 oz depending on thread. So, although there are more baffles in a suppressor (9 long instead of a 3 long muzzle brake), they dont take advantage of redirecting gas. Many suppressors (if not most) arent rated to handle something as big as the 300 Norma. For the 30 caliber, I knew Id risk getting hate mail for years if I didnt include the 308 Win. Here are the muzzle brakes I wasnt able to test on the 300 Norma rifle: There arestill A LOTof interesting results left to be published on this field test. I didnt run the 300 Norma Mag as hot as what Ive heard rumors of other guys doing. Welcome to Muzzle Brakes and More- Home of the Beast Series Muzzle Brakes. That means youll need a few tools, but its not very difficult. Steel Competition Low Concussion 5/8x24 TPI Muzzle Brake Compensator 308 .308. Itll also work well for .22 and .25 caliber rounds. That thoughtful design paid off. $4,723.70 Tikka T3x Lite Veil Wideland .300 Win Mag Bolt Action Rifle 24.3" Barrel 3 Round. On the 308, there was really just one straggler way behind the rest of the group: the OPS Accuracy Tuning Brake. I appreciate this to no end, and I extremely happy to find something this comprehensive, straightforward, and data driven as what you have done here. The other big selling point for the Little Bastard is the tunable top port, called the Unique Recoil Profile port. There isn't a lot of magic to brakes. You can see it finished around the middle of the pack, ranking 11th among the 17 brakes tested on the 308. Follow-up shots were a breeze but it does have quite a bit of blowback on the side as it projects the expanding gases outwards. It looks like the brake was 4% more effective on the 308 and 8% more effective on the 300 Norma than when the suppressor was threaded onto the brake. This eliminates much of the shock that you feel and makes a huge difference when it comes to keeping your eyes on the target during your shot. I was obviously disappointed by the results. This greatly simplifies one of the most frustrating aspects of installing a muzzle brake on your own. Plus we didnt need any tools to time the brake. Muzzle Brakes All of my muzzle brakes are made using heat treated 416 stainless steel or grade 5 titanium. Here are links to the others: Tags 300 Norma Mag 308 Winchester Alamo Four Star Alamo Four Star Muzzle Brake American Precision Arms APA Fat Bastard APA Little Bastard Badger Muzzle Brake Center Shot Rifles CSR Blast Tamer Muzzle Brake Federal Gold Medal Match Ammo Holland's Muzzle Brake Impact Precision JEC Customs JEC Muzzle Brake JP Muzzle Brake Muzzle Brake Reviews OPS Muzzle Brake Recoil Seekins Precision Shrewd Muzzle Brake Surefire TBAC Suppressor Thunder Beast ThunderBeast Suppressor Todd Hodnett TriDelta Muzzle Brake Tubb Muzzle Brake West Texas Ordnance. That helps me know Im on the right track. on my shoulder without a brake was huge compared to last week. How woukd usage of a muzzle brake and suppressor (surefire) effect the outcome? Again, the finish on a brake really matters because its one of the parts youre most likely to scrape on things, especially if youre a hunter or competitive shooter. 3. For 308 ammo, I selected the very popular Federal Premium Gold Medal 168gr SMK Match-Grade Factory Ammo. The Apollo LR Compensator is designed for long-range shooting to reduce recoil and eliminate muzzle rise for a dependable shot each and every time. I am concerned about the extra recoil. Best Rifle Ammo for the Money 19 Brands Tested! Lightening them where you can is a great way to make hunting and even competition more pleasant, and the American Precision Arms Little Bastard offers a great compromise between weight savings and performance. What Is The Difference Between Blowback Vs Recoil? Black or Stainless 1/2-28. I didnt do that on purpose, and actually only thought about it when you asked but that is a cool, accidental comparison in the data. It has been a long time coming but we wanted to make sure everything was perfect before offering something new. Im glad youre finding the approach helpful. Polymer Throw Levers for Vortex Optics . A couple of weeks ago I got a new Barrett MRAD in 300 Win Mag, and shot it last week with the included Muzzle Brake. Length is also significant to be considered. While the concussion of the blast was much more pleasant, you can see the suppressor just isnt able to reduce recoil as effectively as some of these other brakes. It seemed like there was a gap in the precision rifle world for an independent and data-driven approach, so Im just trying to do what I can to help fill it! If you have a non-threaded muzzle, you can also take it to a gunsmith for proper threading to ensure a perfect fit. This hybrid design works as both a muzzle brake and compensator to help reduce recoil significantly and help avoid muzzle rise. The Lambda PRS30 is another brake that youll see frequently at competitions and one many pros use. I sure don't want a baffle across my bullet path on my custom rifle. I personally like the American Precision Arms Little B* or even Fat B* for a 300 Win Mag. This is cheaper than many intermediate-cartridge brakes that are much smaller and provide less recoil reduction. The overall design is a compensated dual-baffle setup that is similar to classic brake designs. 270 Winchester 300 Blackout 300 Win Mag 30-06 Springfield 30-30 Winchester.308 Winchester 338 Lapua Magnum 5.56x45mm NATO . A good muzzle brake can change the experience of shooting a heavy-recoiling rifle completely. 30 Cal rounds, 300 win mag, .30 caliber cartridge under magnum, Easy to use timing nut for installation and removal, Locking nut for easy, secure installation, Cerakote and Parkerized Black finish choice. Any application where your follow-up shot could be vital and where you need to spot your own hits and misses is a great place for this one. Installation is quick and simple with included jam nut and collar, so you dont need a gunsmith or special tools to install the Apollo, which average shooters will definitely appreciate. This brake doesnt only reduce recoil but also helps with attaining quicker follow up shots for the shooter. For bears, I like a bigger caliber. On a .300 WM, the recoil is reduced to a very comfortable level that allows you to keep your eyes on the target entirely through the recoil cycle. SilencerCo ASR Muzzle Break on 300 Win Mag. My question is about the ASR break that you can mount the Omega on. This created one of the most potent .30 caliber hard hitters in the industry that is incredibly popular in just about any large game hunting scenario you might consider. Its been copied and reiterated at least a dozen times throughout the industry. Available in 5/8X24 1/2x28, M18x1, and M18x1 Thread Pattern with more to come. The new lock-nut design also helps with perfect muzzle placement, no carbon ring, no over-rotation, and a stronger lock-up. The integrated universal timing nut allows for quick field installation or removal using the lightweight spanner tools that come with it. This is great for follow-up shots and for spotting your own hits and misses. On the 6XC, the reduction for the overall momentum (green line) and peak force (blue lines) were very similar, with the impulse being decreased by 2% more on average. not-my-gunsmith-tee,apa-fully-semi-automatic-tee,not-my-gunsmith-sticker,apa-grey-hat, 30mm-scope-rings,apa-limited-edition-game-changer-bag,apa-grey-hat, apa-grey-hat,apa-limited-edition-game-changer-bag,30mm-scope-rings, APA Limited Edition "OG" Game Changer Bag*, Gen 3 Fat Bastard Self Timing Muzzle Brake*, Gen 2 Tru-Loc Scope Rings for ZCO - Scratch & Dent. Those 2 arent used by any of the precision rifle shooters I know, but that doesnt mean they arent good ones. I am in the final stages of getting a 300NM built and I asked my gunsmith to wait until we got the results back from your article. This post summarizes the results for the recoil tests ran on 20+ muzzle brakes using two 30 caliber test rifles: the 308 Win and the monster 300 Norma Magnum. For your 300 Win Mag, you will need the 5/8x24mm threading that comes with safe 35 degree baffles for best performance and less flashback. The price of Precision Armament M4-72 Severe-Duty Compensatorvaries, so check the latest price at. American Precision Arms' New and Improved Self-Timing Brake In 2019 American Precision Arms released Generation 3 Little Bastard. As always, I really appreciate your hard work! Here's the final setup: - T/C Compass 300 Win Mag - APA Little Bastard Gen 3 Muzzle Brake - Leupold VX-5HD 3-15x44 scope - DNZ Game Reaper base and rings Thought process: The potential for precision improvement is really 3 part: 1) I shoot better with the reduced concussion and reduced recoil, 2) The turbulence the bullet experiences in that brief period of transitional ballistics is reduced by the suppressor diverting some gas, and 3) adding weight to the end of the barrel can dampen barrel harmonics and may make those more consistent shot to shot. huntingmark.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and Other Programs, an affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to the Partners. The last step is to tighten the collar afterward, and youre ready to shoot. I need some input as to what muzzle brakes y'all run and what y'all suggest. In turn, muzzle brakes provide significant recoil reduction. Bullet design matters more than energy and caliber. Perhaps you could inform the respective manufacturers about your unbiased comparison, and you could trade free marketing for free brakes for testing. This design allows it to work well with full auto fire due to how well it reduces split times. It is more efficient and makes for a shorter and lighter brake. The Area 419 Sidewinder is one of the most recommended muzzle brakes for 300 Win Mag and remains a top pick after our second round of testing. Perfect Muzzle Placement No Carbon Ring No Over Rotation Stronger Lock Up 1 in Diameter, 2.55 In Length and Weighs 4.4 oz Made for a barrel diameters of .750 to 1 inch. Both the 6mm and 6.5mm brakes had a similar cluster from 26-36%. Anything to offset the power of a .30 caliber cartridge allows a bit of relief for many shooters. Its partially a compensator to reduce muzzle rise and partially a brake, to reduce the actual felt recoil and shock to your shoulder. Last is the addition of a fourth Bastard port section that eliminates even more recoil than before. Compared to the Fat Bastard, the Little Bastard is often under estimated because it has one less vent and is smaller in diameter. This one also does a great job of eliminating dust signature, which is a blessing for anyone on the firing line next to you, and also ideal for tactical shooters looking to upgrade an issued rifle. Im always hesitant to speculate on how something might compare, because there are always surprises. NOT JUST STOPPING RECOIL, BUT LATERAL MOVEMENT AND MUZZLE RISE AS WELL, FOR A TRULYNEUTRAL SIGHT PICTURE. While planning these tests, I put a lot of thought into what cartridges to test. Required fields are marked *. Fast & Free shipping on many items! $14.99. That weight includes the scope and mount shown in the photo. But, I did test the TBAC Compact Brake, which is the Thread-Over-Muzzle-Brake (TOMB) designed for the TBAC Ultra-9 Suppressor. There are 256 combinations to keep your sights on target. Theres a reason you see just about every competitive shooter running a brake on their magnum-caliber rifle. I want to preserve maximum optionality down the road to add a suppressor to my rig (I believe it should be as simple as screw-off-the-brake-screw-on-the-suppressor and adjust zero). recommended upper receiver vise blocks for AR-15 here, muzzle brake we chose for our 450 Bushmaster here, muzzle brakes for 308 bolt action rifles here, 10 Best AR 10 Upper Receivers (2022 Updated), How to Buy a Gun Online (2022 UPDATED) Read This First, 5 Best Muzzle Brakes for 300 Win Mag (2022 UPDATE). 2. Leading that group is the Holland Radial Muzzle Brake, JP Recoil Eliminator, Center Shot Rifles Blast Tamer (note their large 4-port model was used for the 30 caliber rifles), American Precision Arms (APA) Little B*, JP Large Compensator, new West Texas Ordnance Muzzle Brake, and the new Impact Precision Muzzle Brake. Itd probably be a safe bet that those models would perform well on a 338. Im just trying to publish stuff thats helpful to fellow shooters, so thanks for the taking the time to let me know its working for you! One other thing to note is that there is no top porting on this, but the side ports are angled so that they also help prevent muzzle rise as well as rearward motion. T3 on a Proof Research Barrel T3 with 338 Lapua Magnum with 300 SMK above it and 300 RUM with 230 Berger below it T3 on a Christensen arms carbon barrel The Ultradyne Apollo LR is a top pick of long-range shooters and we can see why. This isnt a suppressor field test, but I just wanted to include one for comparison. Last, is the addition of a fifth Bastard port section that eliminates even more recoil than before. Adjustable Gas System. For more info on the test equipment and how the data was gathered, please see the recoil post. All brakes are noisy and require hearing protection. That really gets you into a completely different product, which is why I just focused this test on 6mm through 30 caliber. The POI shift is minimal and 100% repeatable. Shooting has been a part of his life from a young age but when his father-in-law gave him two shotguns, it sparked his interest even more, turning guns and shooting into an obsession. This is one of the more lightweight & compact options, weighing just 3 ounces. Best Muzzle Brakes & Compensators 1. I also wanted to draw attention to the Badger FTE Muzzle Brake, because this is the one rifle I was actually able to test the recoil on. Please keep up the good work and I know how hard it must be with two little kids running around that needs your attention too. Home > Gun Accessories > Best Muzzle Brake for 300 Win Mag | Reviewed 2022, HuntingMark is reader-supported. P10-C; . Peak force was reduced by 16% more on average than momentum. XPR; Accessories; Shop by Handgun CZ.