Proverbs six:25-twenty six Queen James Type ( KJV )

Proverbs six:25-twenty six Queen James Type ( KJV )

Crave perhaps not once their particular charm for the thine cardiovascular system; None let her capture thee with her eyelids. To own as a great whorish woman a man was introduced to an article of dough: While the adulteress often search for the fresh new dear life.

Proverbs 6:25-26 New All over the world Version ( NIV )

Don’t crave in your center immediately after their unique beauty otherwise help their unique amuse you with her vision. For good prostitute can be acquired to have good loaf regarding cash, however, an alternate mans spouse preys on your most existence.

Proverbs six:25-twenty six The fresh Living Interpretation ( NLT )

Cannot lust to own her beauty. Do not let their unique coy glances entice your. For an effective prostitute can get you so you can impoverishment, but sleep that have a unique man's wife will cost you your life.

Proverbs 6:24-twenty six The brand new Interests Translation ( TPT )

Specifics tend to shield you from immorality and you will in the promiscuity away from an alternative man's wife. Their heart will not be lured from the their particular flatteries otherwise crave more than their unique beauty- neither commonly their particular suggestive suggests conquer your. Prostitutes reduce a man to help you impoverishment, together with adulteress takes their heart- she might even charge a fee everything!

Proverbs six:24-thirty-five The content ( MSG )

They shield you from promiscuous feminine, on the alluring talk of a few temptress. Cannot lustfully fantasize on her behalf charm, nor be taken in the of the her rooms vision. You can get an hour or so with a great prostitute to possess an excellent loaf from bread, but a beneficial promiscuous lady might consume your real time. Do you make a flames on the lap and not burn off their jeans? Is it possible you stroll barefoot towards the very hot coals rather than get sores? This is the exact same when you have sex with your the next door neighbor's partner: Touch their particular and you might pay for it. Zero reasons. Food cravings isn't any excuse to have a crook in order to deal; Whenever they are stuck he has got to blow it back, in the event they have to place his whole home during the hock. Adultery try an effective brainless act, soul-damaging, self-destructive; Predict a soft nostrils, a black eye, and a credibility ruined forever. To have jealousy detonates anger inside good duped spouse; nuts to possess payback, he won't create allowances. Little your say otherwise spend will make it ok; none bribes nor cause tend to meet him.

Proverbs 6:25-26 The American Practical Bible - NASB 1995 ( NASB1995 )

Do not interest their unique charm on the cardio, Nor let her just take your with her eyelids. To have due to an effective harlot you're faster in order to a good loaf regarding cash, And you will a keen adulteress hunts on dear lifestyle.

Proverbs 6:25-twenty six The brand new Century Version ( NCV )

Don't notice their own due to the fact she is beautiful. Don't allow their bring your incidentally she discusses you. A good prostitute usually treat you like an effective loaf from cash, and you may a lady just who takes part in adultery could cost you lifetime.

Proverbs 6:25-twenty-six American Important Type ( ASV )

Lust not once their charm for the thy cardiovascular system; None allow her to grab thee together with her eyelids. To have due to a harlot a man was delivered to an item of bread; Plus the adulteress hunteth toward dear lifetime.

Proverbs 6:25-26 The fresh new King James Variation ( NKJV )

Don’t lust just after their particular beauty in your cardio, Nor let her attract your along with her eyelids. To have by means of a beneficial harlot A man is actually smaller to help you a crust from cash; And you may a keen adulteress have a tendency to target up on his beloved lifetime.

Proverbs six:25-twenty six Amplified Bible ( Amp )

Don’t desire (lust immediately after) their unique beauty on your own cardio, Neither let her need your with her lashes. To possess on account of a good prostitute one is less so you're able to an excellent piece of money [becoming used right up], Plus the immoral lady hunts [that have a connect] this new precious life [out of a person].

Proverbs six:25-twenty six English Simple Adaptation 2016 ( ESV )

Don’t desire their own charm in your heart, and don't allow her to need you with her lashes; to your cost of good prostitute is only good loaf out of money, but a wedded lady hunts off a precious existence.

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