To the Sub Isles and you can Micronesia missions, Chancellor Walworth, Dr

To the Sub Isles and you can Micronesia missions, Chancellor Walworth, Dr

The fresh guaranteeing fact is really worth observe, your numberof people having missionary services is greater than actually ever ahead of

thirteen 1854.] Yearly Fulfilling From TH Elizabeth Board. thirteen On the Madura objective, Dr. Porter, Dr. Ellingwood, A. , Dr. Palmer, Rev. A beneficial. L. Stone, Rev. S. H. Keeler, and you will Rev. Henry Darling. On Ceylon goal, Dr. Tappan, Dr. Patton, Dr. Bushnell, Rev. I. Letter. Sprague, Rev. S. P. Leeds, Rev. L. Swain, and you may O. Age. Wood, Esq. For the China missions, Dr. Thomas DeW itt, Dr. Goodrich, Rev. J. C. Holbrook, Hon. John Leland, Dr. Wyckoff, Dr. Forsyth, and you will Joseph A. Denny, Esq. Humphrey, Dr. A. D. Eddy, Dr. Richards, Rev. L. We. Hoadley, Rev. Samuel Harris, and you can Rev. H. F. Leavitt. On the objectives to your Ch T. Dwight, Dr. Bacon, Dr. Parker, Hon. L. Youngster, Dr. Sweetser, Dr. Sturtevant, and you can T. P. Convenient, Esq. On the missions with the Ojibwas, Senecas, Tuscaroras and Abenaquis, Dr. Storrs, Rev. D. Greene, Rev. N. Gale, Dr. J. S. Clark, Dr. McLane, Rev. P. B. Time, and you will James Brewster, Esq. This type of committees then made their accounts, suggesting your numerous parts of new Yearly Statement of one's Prudential Committee known them become approved and you can used, that has been done appropriately. T he panel towards Household Department registered the second, report: Even as we are called to mourn the brand new ong1 theoldest and more than helpful of the business people, because including of numerous missionaries, brand new prefer regarding God has been most obvious into Board during the past year, on the quantity of missionaries delivered forth, the degree of of good use courses granted regarding the force, plus the general information, success and you will achievements in which the new situations of one's Panel keeps already been held because of the its'- government officers. Regarding deputation so you can Asia, the panel manage show theutmost trust in the understanding of the appointment, deferring so you can another affair a far more reasonable declaration of its need about the their. forecast show. Usually the one fact which includes drawn the fresh extra attention of committee,, is the fact stated on report regarding development of a society in the uk, designed to services the newest missions of your own American Board inside East Europe and you can Western China. While you are people from Great britain, specifically among public functionaries about Eastern, have in most cases, rendered nice provider so you can Western missionaries, here is the earliest timethat an organisation might have been affected for the you to definitely nation, encouraging liberal help into missions based of the places of worship of our local home. You may the committee find contained in this pledge out of foreign-aid any tendency to a beneficial diminution out of contributions using this nation into the part of the same objectives, they'd perhaps not hesitate to pronounce it naughty and devastating. Particularly an impression, not, is not Seoul women are the most beautiful in the worls suitable a second becoming apprehended, however, a bit the opposite. Which advice hasn't been solicited from the good ll; neither really does the 2

W. Porter, Esq

Nevertheless, tills unsolicited, book and you may unexpected contribution, regarding for example a source, is worth the special and you will grateful esteem of your Christian social, in view of a lot considerations. It is a public and essential testimony, out of Christian ministers and you may laymen various denominations in great britain, into count on which they feel in the skills, fidelity and you can profits that this new missions on the Panel has actually already been used. It’s an admission on same supply the missionaries of the Western churches can get possess some odd advantages of conducting objectives in the East, because of the cause of one's remoteness out-of, and you will our very own versatility regarding, each one of these governmental interactions and you will connectivity in regard to those people places, that could in some instances incorporate upon anybody else uncertainty, prejudice and you may pity. It is a ticket, for intelligent guys, of the standard inexpediency out-of multiplying unnecessarily missionary teams, not as much as additional control, to the occupancy of the identical floor, and of the higher facts out-of strengthening and you may strengthening those which have the pre-occupancy as well as the precedence inside their confidence and you will triumph.

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